Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rain today

What better way to spend a gray, rain on and off day than to straighten things up a bit. Because my art style changes every few months I find things that I will likely never use again. I went through a brown ink period, then white ink. Now the permanent black, distressed and chalk inks are all I use. Rubber stamps the same. When I was making cards a few years ago the stamps I used then now I never use. Cardstock, same thing, hardly ever use it, now I paint papers. Colored cardstock now seems so boring. I still use a lot of images, all kinds from all companies. But, I also use alot more images from junk. Tickets, books, photos, calendars everything is fair game. Just love to paint on a surface that has papers glued on first.
So, I found some more inchies I had made and just filed away (put in a drawer). Here are a few more and some for a private swap.

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